Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday Before Easter

It's Friday night.  The woodstove is keeping it very toasty.  I only need to light it at night now.  In one more month I won't even have to light it at all!  The boys are all looking forward to Easter.  We'll color our eggs tomorrow night.  I hope the Easter Bunny has LOTS of extra chocolate for good mommys.  My soap came out very nicely.  I had figured out a lovely shade of pink, but forgot that my dried rose petals would change the color.  So, they're a lovely tomato red.  It is all for the best though because I mixed rose scent, apple and spices.  I'm naming this batch of soap "Spicy Love Apple."  I really like this organic soap base, a mix of palm and coconut oils.  I'm still getting bubbles.  I think I'm greasing the mold a little too heavily.  If anyone knows the answer, let me know.  Right now these little soap gems are curing on a rack in my bedroom.  Really enjoy the smell of scented soap.

What a beautiful evening.  It was 45 degrees F.  That's sure nice for Alaska in early April.  The sun felt warm and snow is melting.  I see that the squirrels have chewed my clothesline.  I don't mind much.  It isn't hard to fix and the winter is long.  Can't get to it yet anyway.  More snow has to go first.  I can tell that Spring is on her way.  The birds are happily chirping.  The large flies are hatching out up against the sunny side of the house and there are giant mud floodles (huge puddles) forming during the day.

James cuddled with Ratty today on the couch.  They're buddies.  Rats actually make very good pets.  They aren't as smelly as many rodents.  They're smart and aim to please.  We don't have them up here naturally so I'm not used to them being vermin.  We've seen three wild hares in the last few days.  The peninsula here is very much overpopulated by the Snowshoe Hare.  I really like to see them jump because with their extra long feet they can jump both high and far.  Here's James and Ratty.

In the winter sometimes the sunrises surpass the sunsets.  Here is a January sunrise from the backdoor.
  Hope everyone has a Happy and Blessed Easter.  He is risen!


  1. happy easter! james is getting long hair
    uncle john

  2. rats are wonderful pets - we had 3 - they were like little dogs - so tame, they came when we called them - they have gone to heaven now and I still miss them !