Monday, June 14, 2010

It's Almost Summer

Here are some cute pictures of the kids and baby Springtime animals.
J and N are in TBall this year.  Sometimes they pay attention to TBall and other times they're into the dirt on the outfield and that's fine.  They're learning and having fun.
We saw a Mama Moose with new twin babies.  Here they are:

Moose babies are so cute!
We made a trail down to the lake.  The boys found last years pushki stalks and had a lot of fun.

Yup!  Those pushki grow very large here.  They make good swords because they usually break apart fairly easily when dry.

I think J is blowing me a raspberry.  He sure likes those just now. :)
I helped the boys set up their painting materials and we had fun painting in the sun.

Red, Yellow and Blue are SO exciting!

We're working on our paintings here.

J is done and his painting can dry in the sun.

N is ready to let his dry and both boys are pleased with their work.

The first dragonfly is here.  They're beautiful and they eat plenty of mosquitos!  There is a giant snowshoe hare eating every bit of our garden so we're working on putting in a fence.  We tried sprinkling our greens with hot pepper.  I think he prefers his chard hot and spicy.  We've decided to try chickens again.  We're butting the chicken pen up to the garden fence and making the fences strong and tall.  I hope it works and so do the chickens.  We got our first order from Wolf Lake Wellness and everything was fantastic!  Yum!  I love fresh tomatoes sliced with salt pepper and olive oil.  Pollen allergies are done with for me now and I'm full of vim, cleaning house, weeding the garden, playing with the boys and my hubby and getting things done.  Hope all are having a happy and productive summer.  What a beautiful world!  We're finally moving past the family bed.  N is now making a go of it in his bed all night.  J still comes in at about 4 a.m.  It has been sweet and I've enjoyed being a big cuddly bunch; but it is time for the boys to move on and M and I are relishing our evening time together.  Hello to everyone! xxoo  Love you, family.