Friday, July 30, 2010

Busy Days

We have been busy.  Although the weather hasn't been that nice recently, cold, rain, wind, we have been outside in it.  We found a recipie for a nice salve for little N.  He has psoraisis on his scalp and this has been working wonders.  I found the idea at a natural remedy site.  We made our own formulation of calendula, oregano, olive oil and a bit of beeswax and just a drop of geranium oil for scent.  This has been more effective than his prescription medicine.  Yay for herbs!  Yesterday we gathered puffball mushrooms, washed them, sliced them thinly and put them in our food dryer. :)  They smell yummy.  The little boys don't get any though.  There is a wild mushroom rule that says that under 11 years of age wild mushrooms are not the best.  Each to their own, but it makes sense to us.  (Plus the husband and myself will get to have more, hehe.)
Little J went off of the diving board yesterday, all by himself.  He is very proud and so are we!  The swimming instructors here are fantastic.  The boys take swimming lessons just about everytime they come around.  I have scads of nettles and will be drying them for nettle tea.  Also, happily and for the first time here, my chamomile is almost ready to bloom.  I'm so excited to have real chamomile tea. :) 

Will write more soon.  We are off to look for more mushrooms. Happy Friday to everyone!