Sunday, May 9, 2010

Love You Mom!

You're the best, Mom.  We're hoping to come and see you when school gets out.  I wish we lived down the road, but that's not how it is.  I've already hung my kitchen angel and I love her.  Thanks so much!  I love everything you ever made for me. :)  She's very sweet.  Here she is:
She is very cheery and perks up the kitchen with her sunny ways!

I just love her to pieces.  Thank-you, Mom.  Love you.  Miss you!
Here's an update on the recent goings on....
The moose have headed to the local bowling alley.  You should see them bowl.  I think they're getting a team together....

The bald eagles are keeping an eye on things... Here is a bald eagle perced on a dead spruce tree.  
Look  at those talons...yikes!

Our Dad is now a college grad!  My husband finished his Bachelor's Degree.  He went back to college and has worked very hard.  We are so proud!  He wants to continue on and get his Master's next.  Go, Dad!

Diploma in Hand!

Mum is so proud of Dad!

The boys are proud of Dad, too!

Yay, Dad!

Here's to getting an education- Salute!
Hi family, here are the pictures we promised!  Love and miss you.  Happy Spring!