Monday, April 19, 2010

Hooray! It rained!

Today raindrops were falling on my window pane and I loved every single watery droplet.  What a nice day to work on projects.  I finished up three things that have been waiting for me to get around to them.  First of all, here are some pretties from my desk.  Pink and green have been my favorites for awhile.  The inlaid stone came from Russia.  The piggybank was my Grandma Eloise's, the green glass vase, too.  The geraniums are from my inside window ledge.  All of my boys helped collect the pink and green stones from one of the local beaches and sweetly brought them to Mama.  The glass decanter in pink is an antique.  We got it in Seldovia, AK.  It says, "Courage," and is filled with agates from another beach.

Cheerful things on a Sunday afternoon.  I completed a saying that I found and wanted to hang.  Here it is:

 Sometimes I remind myself that good enough is plenty good. :)  and then breathe a sigh of relief. 

The boys love costumes..  There's nothing like a fake fur moustache to give you that macho old-time feel.  Here is young Zorro

Don't forget Wyatt Earp

And, a cleeew, Inspector Clousseau

I saw on the news that Fairbanks was 67* today.  Bring on the Spring!  Hope everyone has a good week.  Tomorrow I'm meal-planning for the week.  I can guarantee that we'll be eating fish since it is time to eat down the freezer before things go bad.  I love fish and feel blessed to have such good fishermen.  I'm down to my last bit of blueberries.  Wah.  This year I'll have to pick extra so I 'm hoping for a good berry year.  There was an article about making birch napkin rings in the paper today.  I think it involves powertools. :) 

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