Friday, April 16, 2010

Could It Be the Last Snowman of the Season?

The other day we received what we hope is one of the last big snows of the season.  There was enough new snow to make snow people.  Nico and Uncle John worked together and made snowmen.  The sun that came after the snow was very welcome. 
And yet another
photo with both happy snow sculptures...

By afternoon the large snowman's head had melted away.  Yep, it is Springtime!  We had some yummy food projects today.  The boys squeezed their own fresh orange juice and I made honey and whole wheat brownies and even snuck in some wheat germ.  Thanks to my sister, Rose, for the awesome honey.  It made lovely brownies.  We enjoyed our visit from Grandma and Uncle John and can't wait till they come again.  Lots of fun, food, card games, board games and good company.  Relatives are great!  Wish everyone lived even closer!  Happy Friday!

The boys had fun making juice.  I love it when they're so industrious.

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