Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Green Paint for the Living Room

Today, Marc and I finally got a chance to go to the paint store together to pick out a new color for the living room.  We looked at all of the shades of green and asked each other what our fav. color was.  It was Island Vacation Green :)  Maybe we're both longing for a bit of an Island Vacation right now.  It is so nice to agree.  I guess great minds think alike and fools seldom differ.  I'm so excited to paint.  It's warm enough now so that we can open the windows.  Even the no VOC paint has fumes because the colorant still smells.  It shouldn't be too bad.  Stay tuned for pictures.  It will be bright and green and cheery! 

 I'm watching the Cottonwood trees in the yard.  The buds should be coming on soon.  I want to pick some and make a propolis ointment.  I haven't made it in a few years.  It is fantastic for aching wrists and carpal tunnel.  I'm going to hunt for my recipe.  I've already saved and washed out empty spice tins.  Mom, do you remember hanging off of the bridge picking the Cottonwood buds?  The boys want to get chickens, but last year a hungry grizzly ripped into our pen and snacked on my feathered babies. :(  Most people here say you need an electric fence.  I don't like the noise or cost of those so will have to do some research.

  I'm making soap tomorrow. :)  I've saved up and dried my rose petals and am adding them in.  Nico went to T-Ball tonight.  He's really enjoying T-Ball.  Who knew?  James wants a goldfish for his birthday.  I still have my little tank.  I think he'll do well with one.  He wants a black and orange fish.  Vincent finished his homemade book.  He and Marc were reading it.  Roy is working on his English Literature class.  Yay!    I'm really proud of Rosie for winning 2nd in the cooking contest.  She promises to make me Chicken Piccata(?).  It sounds delicious!  

Wish List for the Yard
Sitka Roses
Red Currant Berries
Maybe Blackberries (a friend saw some last year)

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