Sunday, March 28, 2010

On a Sunday the Merry(?) Month of March

I'm taking it easy today. This cold is sure a long one. The buds are fattening up here on the trees. James, age three, wrote Mom and Dad today. He asked what to write. I told him to write an M and and O and then an A and a D. He did those all on his own. I had been worried about him learning his letters, but he's up on that. I guess he's a writer. :) I'm proud!

We've three pet rats, Ratty, Snowy and Gizmo. We also have three dogs (all from dog rescue or the pound) Jack, (a collie, black lab, golden retriever mix), Odie (mostly Rhodesian Ridgeback) and Puppa (a rat-terrier, german shepherd mix). We also have one mouse, Mousie.

Today is part of the Merlin Marathon on SyFy. I am a big SyFy fan since they're having Season 2 of Merlin. Shame on NBC.

I like to clean, organize, make my house "homey" and work on crafts and projects. I love completing a project, craft or goal that I've set for myself. I love flea markets, scrapbooking and hobbies. Can't wait till Spring really comes, the snow melts and I can see which of my plantings made it through the winter. I'm working on finishing my multi-colored scarf. I hope to be done by Wednesday. A Walmart is opening near us in Kenai. It will be the first Walmart here. We are all wondering what they will have and whether or not prices will go down on some groceries and goods here. The cost of living is very high for us here in Alaska. Hello to all and Mom, now you can read this and see what we're up to. How is your doll coming? :) Happy Sunday!

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