Friday, May 6, 2011

New Pet Rabbit

Here is Yoshi the rabbit.  He's the newest pet.  He really likes apples and is nice and calm.
We are waiting for the leaves to come out.  Little N says May 8th and I say May 10th.  The winner gets to pick a dessert.  We are going through the family pictures and picking out some of our favorites for a living room display.  Everyone here is still getting over the flu.  We just got finished reading about the Root Children.  The timing is just right.  There are only small patches of snow.  There are a very few patches of grass sprouting up.  The edges of the lake melt in the day but it is still frozen.  I'm busy looking over last year's garden plan and thinking about what I'll plant where this year. :)  The pair of Great Horned Owls are back.  We usually hear them in the Spring and Fall.  Now we know that Spring is here.  Happy Spring!


  1. Yoshi is a cute rabbit, he looks like he is still a baby.

  2. My children have been clamouring for a rabbit...and seeing yours, I'm almost convinced that, yes, we need one!

  3. Thanks, we really like the rabbit. The kids all want to hold it and it eats the carrot tops. His ears are really growing now. :)