Friday, May 6, 2011

Back in February

Today was a fantastic day.  My first grader, LittleN and preschooler, LittleJ, both made books today.  We have them set aside for Daddy to read when he gets home.  I am trying to make the boys little booklets of watercoloring paper and with cardstock covers.  We are going to do some Waldorf, some Charlotte Mason and some Classical Education for this next year.  I am working on being calm and counting my blessings.  I can hear N reading to J. :)  Homeschooling is a blessing!  I like to cook, craft, learn and garden and love my family.  I love and thank God for this life.  How great is His love for us.  Life is like a choo choo train with ups and downs and if you just keep chugging along it all works out.  Smile!  (This picture is from this last summer.)

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